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Rick and Morty - most effective actually!
'Listen, Morty! I bought ... uh, brilliant idea! You recognize, we will create a great cartoon show: remember the old Zemeckis movie ... well, we'll make main characters after that, simply make them ... uh, more daring! They do not try to change something in past times, they will just rage all over the universe, add a tad bit more entropy to it. With a lot of Sci-Fi stuff, references to whatever pops into your head, the show look ... uh, just great Morty! Let's put lots of nerds on him from everywhere in the world. Oh, they'll just pray every episode! And you know what we'll do next?' "Would you like to close the show from boredom and embark on drinking, Rick?" -'No, Morty, you believe for a planetary scale! I will build an excellent neutrino bomb and bring it down to the ground, and that's it ... we'll start once more, having a clean slate!' -'Oh my gosh God, Rick! Don't you think it's too brutal!' "The Simpsons have been receiving the environment for over 25 years, this is really brutal, Morty ..."

It had been challenging to think the show, created as a kind of spit towards Hollywood from the guise of the dirty animated short The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Marty, where the solutions to any or all problems were reduced to manipulating Doc's genitals, would grow into something more. However, years later, when Dan Harman, who had previously done anything about the astounding series'Community ', joined the creator with this cartoon, Justin Royland, the characters returned to your workplace: in a slightly different form, with assorted names, but using the same voices and with the same purpose. - to take a bit Chaos into society, and laughter to tears.

The series focuses on the adventures of your elderly scientist, Rick with his fantastic grandson Morty. The first is the genius, cynical, alcohol abuse type. He doesn't care much regarding the people around him ('I know that you will be different in a great many ways. But you need to realise that from the aim of take a look at grandfather ... the both of you are fecal material sh * t'), laws, orders and values, however, like the fate of humanity, the universe etcetera ('During our adventures, Rick and I destroyed depends upon, and we left that reality and came into this'). The second - will not shine with intelligence, but is an excellent stopper for Rick, although it can not work out for him from the best way. They, in addition to every once in awhile folks their large family, find on their own various crazy adventures - from traveling from the'Anatomical Park'inside the skin towards Cronenberg Pocalypse!

On the one hand, included in the appearance and the absurdity of humor, the show resembles cartoons like Gravity Falls or Adventure Time, alternatively, Rick and Morty is seen uncompromising and tough humor inside spirit of Robot Chicken or South Park. And here the most fascinating thing begins - from the cartoon, seemingly harmless characters can unexpectedly play completely harmless roles: the King Gelatin can be a pedophile, a domestic dog can enslave all the mankind, and hepatitis C generally is a good ally. Very cute animation is coupled with sometimes extremely tough jokes, and also this wild contrast adds charm to the show. Another contrast would be the extremely emotional perception of the nearby reality by people Rick's family, and the insanely skeptical attitude to every one this:'I'd rather not upset you, but what people call love is only a chemical reaction that forces animals to reproduce, at the beginning this is a strong feeling, however it slowly weakens, leaving you in the failed marriage without the need of penny in the bank ... Break the vicious circle, Morty! Be above this! Enter into science!'

Because of this perspective,'Rick and Morty'isn't a bad satire on social foundations, and perhaps they are greatly made fun of here. The actual talking not just about love, but about marriage, family relationships, career and much more. Curiously, besides naked satire, very dramatic moments often slip to the show, and they cannot seem unnatural here - they naturally follow from your plot. For almost all absurd and satirical cartoons, it is certainly not a characteristic feature, and in'Rick and Morty'the series will finish with the torment writes in the official Video X Converter blog the character having a broken heart towards the song'Do you experience feeling it?' musical group Chaos Chaos.

The series will not slow down, doesn't repeat itself. Each episode is perfectly written, with an awesome love of life, and might undoubtedly cheer you up on the gloomiest day!

I must end having an optimistic dialogue between Rick and also the miniature robot he created:

- What am I designed for?
- To transfer oil.
- My dear God...
- Yes, welcome to the club, buddy!
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